Get Your Book Signed

Did you buy your book online? Or miss a signing event? Here's how to get your book signed...

Send a self-addressed stamped envelope to
Cindy Samul
c/o Key Art Books
PO Box 129
New London CT 06320

We'll send you a bookplate* personalized and signed by Snowman Amuck author and illustrator Cindy Samul (she might even do a little sketch for you).

*The author of this post does not know why a bookplate is called a a bookplate. It is neither a book nor a plate. It is, apparently, "a decorative label stuck in the front of a book, bearing the name of the book's owner."

How to send a self-addressed stamped envelope

What you need:
-1 small piece of paper
-1 pen
-2 envelopes
-2 stamps

Step 1: Take the first envelope and print your correct name and correct address on it. Do not seal this envelope.

Step 2: Put a stamp on it.

Step 3: Fold the envelope in thirds as pictured here:

Step 4: On the piece of paper write the name (or names) of the person you would like the book signed to.

Step 5: Put the piece of paper and the folded envelope into the second envelope.

Step 6: Seal this envelope.

Step 7: Write the address on the front.
Cindy Samul
c/o Key Art Books
PO Box 129
New London CT 06320
Be sure to write your own address in the upper left hand corner as pictured here:

Step 8: Put a stamp on it.

Step 9: Put the envelope in the mail.

Step 10: Wait.

Step 11: Receive your official Snowman Amuck bookplate, personalized and signed to you.