Tuesday, June 27, 2017

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Snowman Amuck Now in Print and Kindle

It's boy versus snowman told in detail-rich comic style. Humorous and a little bit scary. Fun winter reading for ages 6 and up. 

And be sure to visit our Activities and Fun Stuff page to download free coloring sheets, paper dolls and the new "How to Draw a Snowman" booklet.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Snowman Amuck: So What's It About?

So what's it about?
Jack’s parents are out, and soon Jack will discover something: never insult a snowman. Jack is dozing in front of the TV when he remembers that he left his sled outside. While Jack puts his sled away, a snowman sneaks into the kitchen and locks all the doors. Now Jack is stuck outside and it’s freezing. Jack thinks his sister is playing a trick on him, so he climbs to a second-floor window to attract her attention. That’s when he sees the snowman inside the house. When Jack finally gets inside, he’s on his own with a snowman determined to throw him out—permanently.

Snowman Amuck is told in a detail-rich comic style. Full color, 48 pages, ideal for ages 6 and up.

Check out our free printable "How to Draw a Snowman" booklet on our Activities and Fun Stuff page. And remember, you can get your book signed even if you bought it online. Here's how: get your book signed